Thursday, December 1, 2011

Garden Talk with Kitty

Thank you to everyone who made his/her way to Blarney Garden Centre on Tuesday night. Maria & Billy O'Connor of Blarney Garden Centre served lovely homebaked scones and the tea and coffee warmed us up in no time.

You might wonder why having a garden talk in November - it is the best time to start preparing your ground for the next season. As Roy Keane said once: 'Fail to prepare - prepare to fail' - anything right done now will make your life so much easier in the coming months.

Kitty who showed the nation during the Summer how to prepare a garden is as passionate about gardening as one can be. She loves to share her knowledge and passion and she was very generous with her time and expertise. She was very interested to see where people were at their gardening level and we had a great mix of people attending (we still keep our fingers crossed for Margo and her pigs).

The best way of preparing your ground now for the next year is to cut down any weeds you have now, mix in a good manure and cover the ground with black plastic (make sure to put some weight on to avoid it blowing away). The ground is kept warm and the manure has time to rot down and mix in well so that you are left with a wonderful rich soil next year.

We will have a repeat meeting in March where Kitty will show us how to care for seeds, how to grow and what to grow when. Watch this space - the dates will be announced in one of our next newsletters.
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Since the RTE show, Kitty is working as a freelancer and can be hired for talks, advice etc. Please email and we will forward your request to Kitty.

Blarney Garden Centre has been opened since March 2011 and has built up a good reputation for sound advice (without the frills), good & simple food and a family friendly location for Sunday lunch. Please call 021 4385402 if you want to book a table, have a question about gardening or if you like to book a room for private functions. And if you have no plans this Sunday - why not come along to a Sing-a-long - all welcome.

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  1. Hi Elke, it was a lovely night, thoroughly enjoyable, educational and a great get together. Kitty is infectious she is so enthusiastic about gardening.I am linking your post on my blog.